Modeselektor – “I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk”

Modeselektor‘s I’m not into Twerk, I’m into KrafTwerk, from the upcoming Bleep:10 compilation – a celebration of 10 years of the Bleep label.

Also featured on the compilation are exclusive tracks from Fuck Buttons, Oneohtrix Point Never, Autechre, Nathan Fake, Lone, Gas, Untold, Shackleton, Machinedrum, Dabrye, Nosaj Thing, U-Ziq and Byetone. Continue reading

Conductar: Moogfest Turns Asheville Into An Interactive Generative Musical Experience

conductar-moogfestEnsomniac Studios has released Conductar: Moogfest, a free app that is designed to turn Asheville, NC, into an immersive audio-visual world.

Here’s how they describe it:

Walk the city with the app and your phone becomes both an instrument to compose a generative soundscape and a window into a world that dynamically changes with your brains neurological reaction. The app is a collective experience that allows infinite participants to actively compose live generative audio and visuals as well as passively watch and listen to what others are creating.

Here’s a video introduction to Conductar: Moogfest: Continue reading

‘Node 2′ A Must-Have For Berlin-School Synth Music Fans

node-2Ian Boddy’s DiN Records has released Node 2 – the second album from synth supergroup Node.

Node 2 is the first album from the group since their debut album in 1995.

The group is made up of music industry gurus that took time out from their ‘day jobs’ to indulge their passion for analog synth and Berlin-school style synth music: Continue reading

The Pet Shop Boys At Moogfest 2014


UK synth pop group Pet Shop Boys headlined the first night of Moogfest 2014, being held April 23-27 in Asheville, NC.

The duo, Neil Tennant & Chris Lowe, pair spectacular visuals, costumes, sets and dancing with a slightly cool onstage presence, in a combination that seems to fit their music perfectly. pet-shop-boys-moogfest-2

More photos from the Pet Shop Boys performance below. Continue reading

Free Roland TR-909 Sample Pack


Bedroom Producers Blog has released a free sample library, featuring the sounds of the classic Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer.

To create the free sample library, a vintage 909 was sampled and then processed by recording to Cr02 cassette to add tape saturation and resampling.  The result is a collection of 155 carefully edited one shot samples of the TR-909 drum machine, with 71 clean samples and 84 tape processed hits (these are organized into two separate folders, according to the gain setting). Continue reading

The Halls of Valhalla Z-DSP Reverb Cartridge Now Available

Tiptop Audio announced today that “The amazing Halls Of Valhalla Z-DSP reverbs are now shipping to shops worldwide.”

The Halls Of Valhalla Z-DSP cartridge has 8 high-quality modulated reverb algorithms, ranging from short (Room, Chamber) to medium sized (Plate, EnsembleVerb), to big (Cathedral), to unbelievably huge (Niflheim, Asgard, Ginnungagap). Continue reading