Pyramid Sequencer Now Available For Pre-Order


The Pyramid – a new standalone hardware sequencer, described as ‘the perfect brain for your musical setup” – is now available for pre-order.

It offers advanced sequencing capabilities, including poly-rhythm support, randomization, ‘humanizer’, arpeggiation and per-track algorithmic Euclidean sequencing.

The Pyramid connects to a wide range of electronic instruments, with two MIDI outs, DIN Sync out, USB MIDI and CV + Gate connectivity.  Continue reading

Moog Foundation Intros Prints, T-Shirts Based On Vintage Bob Moog Illustration

bob-moog-art-printIn honor of Bob Moog’s 81st birthday on May 23, 2015, the Bob Moog Foundation is releasing prints and t-shirts, based on a vintage illustration of Moog.

The illustration, right, was drawn by graphic artist Jean-François Podevin as an illustration for the May 1977 issue of Synapse, ‘the electronic music magazine.’

Entitled Circuit of My Mind, the image is being made available in form of an 18? x 24? art poster and an artistic t-shirt.  Continue reading

DrumPants 2.0 Are Harder, Faster, Stronger, Better – But Still In Your Pants


The developers of DrumPants have announced DrumPants 2.0 – the harder, faster, stronger, better version of the wearable wireless MIDI controller.

According to the developers, the updated DrumPants 2.0 controller brings reliability, latency, and design improvements – and puts all that power in your pants.  Continue reading

Studio One Updated To Version 3, Here’s What’s New


PreSonus has released Studio One Version 3.0.

Studio One 3 brings new ways to control and mix within the application, as the first DAW to offer a dual platform (Mac and Windows), multi-touch interface.

Rounding out the enhancements, Studio One 3 Professional users now have the freedom to create away from the desk through Studio One Remote for iPad. Continue reading