Steve Roach In The Timeroom, On 5U Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: Ambient/space music artist Steve Roach is featured in a new interview at the Tucson Weekly.

Published in conjunction with the interview, this short video captures Roach at work with his 5U modular synthesizer, exploring new sounds and sequences at his Sonoran desert studio, the Timeroom.

Robo Instrument Plays Algorithmic Bell Music

Sunday Synth Jam: Composer and maker Sarah Angliss creates compositions for musical automata, of her own design, using Max/MSP, Supercollider, PRAAT and other tools.

This video captures a performance by the Ealing Feader – an musical automata that plays bells. In the video, the instrument plays an algorithmic composition.

Here’s what Angliss has to say about it: Continue reading

Free Knob Lab MIDI Controller

knob-lab-midi-controllerKnob Lab is a free MIDI controller for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Knob Lab is designed to let you control Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, and other popular DAWs right from your iPad.

Knob Lab can control devices over WiFi, Bluetooth, Virtual MIDI (inter app communication) or with a cable.

Knob Lab uses CoreMIDI to send MIDI signals so you can even hook it up to hardware synths using and iPad to MIDI cable. Continue reading

Open Mic: What Record Got You Hooked On Electronic Music?


Open Mic: For most electronic musicians, there’s a track or an album that got them hooked on electronic music.

You hear the music and wonder how the artist made it – and soon you want to be making sounds & music like that. Next thing you know, you’ve got a home studio and a wall of gear.

Was there a track or an album that did it for you?  Continue reading