Banco de Gaia – Maya

Banco de Gaia has a unique approach to electronica. He mixes samples and sounds of traditional instruments together with electronics. His approach, though, does not have the ready-for-radio sound of some world electronica. Gaia’s music is more complex, even reflective.

There are many interesting cuts on this album. Heliopolis, the opener, is a standout, as is Lai Lah. Gaia mixes tempos, volumes, and instrumentation smoothly, taking you on a musical journey.

Some of the sounds are trippy. Gaia uses heavily echoed voices, looped sounds, and reversed instruments to good effect. Some of the sounds that he uses sound dated, but within the context of the music, they sound vintage or consciously retro rather than cheesy.

This album has many sections that are danceable, but it also has a very cerebral aspect, too. It almost feels like a successor to some of the head music of the 70’s, like early Pink Floyd or Tangerine Dream.

Gaia has his own voice, and an interesting approach to electronica.

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