Alison GoldfrappNew English Vocal Electronica

Goldfrapp is a pop duo made up of singer Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory. Together they make music that blends electronica with a variety of retro styles to create something uniquely new.

Alison Goldfrapp studied Fine Art at Middlesex University in England. She made a name for herself working with other artists. She provided vocals for Maxinquaye, the debut of the UK trip-hop artist Tricky. She also worked and toured with the techno band Orbital.

In the late 90’s, she met Will Gregory, who had done sountrack work. Together they, create unique pop/art music, that combines influences such as old movie soundtracks, electronica, cabaret signing, and even 80’s disco pop. Their music is expressive and colorful, and often has a dark undercurrent.

Their two albums are quite different, but both showcase Goldfrapp’s unique vocal style and Gregory’s wide knowledge of orchestration and arrangement. Felt Mountain was hailed by many critics as a classic of vocal electronica. Black Cherry threw many listeners off, because it sounds so different than their first album. Much of Black Cherry has an updated Euro-disco feel. On its own merits, Black Cherry sounds great, and is on a parr with some of the better electropop of the early 90’s.


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