Orbital by Orbital

Orbital’s self-titled debut collects some of their earliest singles, and though the cuts are nearly 15 years old, they hold up well. This cuts on this album capture the sound of early British house and techno. For the most part, the cuts on this album could be played at any dance or techno bar and fit right in.

Several cuts are standouts, including Belfast, Fahrenheit 303, Chime, Choice and Satan. Two haven’t aged quite as well. The Moebius includes samples from what sounds like an bad old science fiction movie. This type of sampling has been abused, and Orbital’s use on this cut doesn’t rise above the ordinary. Speed Freak, while a good cut overall, suffers from the same problem.

The final cut, Midnight, is another winner. It combines a variety of percussion and synthesizers, and the result sounds like Steve Reich playing with an indian drummer and a dance beat.

The Orbital album is a very good album, and a reminder of the creatively of the early 90’s techno scene.

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