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The Vintage Synth Explorer was established in June of 1996 in order to provide a fast and easy way to learn about common vintage analog and digital synthesizers. This has grown to include modern analog emulators, software synths, plug-ins, and other popular new synthesizers and samplers. Here you will find detailed descriptions and reviews, pictures, audio samples, technical specifications, famous users, patch files, manuals, lots of links, and more! The Vintage Synth Explorer is here to help you learn more about synthesizers and to find the one that’s right for you. Just use the Synthesizer Menu to the left to get started!

The Vintage Synth Explorer was created, designed, and is still maintained by Matt Friedman. Much of this website is a collaboration with other music professionals and hobbyists around the world. Many of the images are from other web sites. Much of the data has been submitted or supplemented by on-line visitors. We encourage you to add or update any synth info of your own to this growing, free source of information about vintage synthesizers!

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