Propellerheads – Decks and drums and rock and roll

The Propellerheads establish their loop-based retro electronica sound with Decksanddrumsandrockandroll. The album name sums up the sound of this album. It is full of loops, samples, and drum machines, but also manages to rock on many cuts. Decksanddrumsandrockandroll has a spy theme. The cut, “History Repeating”, sung by Shirley Bassey, sounds like it could be… Read More Propellerheads – Decks and drums and rock and roll

TB-303 – This site is a portal site devoted to the Roland TB-303, one of the most important instruments in electronic music over the last twenty years. It has 303 news, and 303 patterns for many types of electronica. See also the Synthtopia review of the Roland TB-303!

Robert Rich

This site is the personal site for Robert Rich, an innovative creator of electro-acoustic music. It includes interviews, news, biography, FAQs, and a discography. There are Quicktime previews of many of his albums. See also the Synthtopia artist profile of Robert Rich.


Blacet claims to have “Some of the Best Compact Synthesizer Modules on the Planet!”, and many modular users would agree. Blacet is the home of the Klangwerk balanced modulator, Time Machine BBD analog delay, and the Mini Wave wavetable module. Blacet’s modules are designed to use the small FracRak system, but they are electrically compatible… Read More Blacet