Robert Rich

This site is the personal site for Robert Rich, an innovative creator of electro-acoustic music. It includes interviews, news, biography, FAQs, and a discography. There are Quicktime previews of many of his albums. See also the Synthtopia artist profile of Robert Rich.


Blacet claims to have “Some of the Best Compact Synthesizer Modules on the Planet!”, and many modular users would agree. Blacet is the home of the Klangwerk balanced modulator, Time Machine BBD analog delay, and the Mini Wave wavetable module. Blacet’s modules are designed to use the small FracRak system, but they are electrically compatible… Read More Blacet

Tellun Corp

Tellun Corp – This site has information of interest to MOTM users. It features mod/cons to MOTM modules, details of a large MOTM system, and information on Tellun’s MOTM-compatible DIY modules. The site is put together by Scott Juskiw, and features lots of DIY projects. Scott has put together PCB’s for several limited-edition MOTM-compatible modules.… Read More Tellun Corp

Oakley Equinoxe

Classic electronica from the 70’s and 80’s often featured the unique “swooshing” sound of analog phasers. The phased sounds found on Jean Michel Jarre’s Equinoxe album were the inspiration for Oakley Sounds‘ fantastic Equinoxe phaser. Oakley Sound’s version was designed by Tony Allgood, the mastermind of Oakley Sound. Oakley makes a complete line of MOTM-compatible… Read More Oakley Equinoxe

Modulations: A History of Electronic Music – Throbbing Words on Sound

Edited by Peter Shapiro Modulations serves as a good introduction to the various genres of modern dance electronica. It was was written to accompany Iara Lee’s 1998 film of the same name. It is written in a hip style by people you can tell really love electronica. It is stylishly put together, and includes many… Read More Modulations: A History of Electronic Music – Throbbing Words on Sound