DJ Rap

Charrissa Saverio, known as DJ Rap, is one of England’s hottest (in both senses of the word) DJs.

Saverio travelled the world as a child. She was born in Singapore, and moved to England as a teenager. She modelled after getting out of school for a few years. At that time, she went to a rave and discovered a new love, electronica.

She was taught to mix by Coolhand Flex, a London junglist. In the early 90’s, she made her reputation playing around the UK, and appeared at World Dance and other major raves. She started a label, Proper Talent in 1995. Her first full album, Intelligence, was released on Proper Talent, and featured her songs and vocals. She released a second album on Higher Ground called Learning Curve in 1999.

Her style ranges from techno to trance to drum ‘n’ bass.

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