Moby – Play

Moby’s 1999 release has eighteen cuts, and eighteen of them were picked up for use in commercials and movies. On Play, Moby blends emotional blues and soul samples with colder electronic sounds. The result is an often upbeat, spiritual sound.

Much of Play sounds like it could be a remix album of blues and gospel tunes. Moby’s arrangements are simple, almost to a fault. His subtlety, though, works on Play because the arrangements seldom get in the way of the original performances. “Find my Baby”, and “Natural Blues” set soulful voices against electronic textures. “Bodyrock” is a straight-ahead dance tune that made the dancefloors everywhere. “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?” samples a gospel choir and sets it against a moody, ambient background.

Many of the cuts have been played into the ground. Listening to it is almost like listening to a greatest-hits album of late 90’s electronica. On Play, Moby hit a peak that pushed electronica as far into the public consiousness as it has ever gone.

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