Tangerine Dream – Exit

This 1981 release is an upbeat set of tunes that highlights some of the best qualities of Tangerine Dream’s music: atmospheric sounds and driving sequencers.

More than most earlier TD releases, the cuts on Exit have traditional melodies and forms. This may disappoint some fans, who prefer their earlier free-form recordings. However, Exit does a good job of balancing TD’s earlier, experimental sound with their later, more accessible sound.

“Kiev Mission” opens the album with a female voice speaking in Russian about the threat of nuclear war. The six cuts all feature sequencers and drum machines prominently, but they are used to good effect. “Choronzon” is an upbeat cut that would almost sound at home on the dance floor. “Network 23” predicts the sound of later techno, with a throbbing bassline accompanying a drum machine beat and synthesized lead melodies.

Exit is a good slice of Tangerine Dream’s work, and balances their experimental side with their more commercial side.

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