Various – Trance Classics

This album is a trance party waiting to happen. It has two discs of continuous mixes of trance classics.

The Moonshine release features numerous club classics from some of the leading trance musicians. ATB, Energy 52, System F, Matt Darey, Paul Van Dyk, Moby and BT contribute some of their most popular cuts.

Disc 1, features the club hits “9PM (Till I Come)” by ATB, “Sandstorm” by Darude, “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” by Moby, and “Godspeed” by BT. Paul Van Dyk’s “For an Angel” and Matt Darey’s “Liberation” may be a few years old, but sound good as ever.

Disc 2 features Zombie Nation, with “Kernkraft 400”, Binary Finary doing 1998 and System F on “Out of the Blue”. This CD has fewer famous cuts, but is a strong collection nevertheless.

Trance Classics is one of the best collections of trance that I’ve heard. There are a lot of well-known cuts – a few that have been played into the ground even. Some, like BT’s “Godspeed” grow a little with each listening.

Trance Classics is labeled “The Biggest Trance Tracks of All Time”. This is a bit of a stretch – who knows what great trance music is to come. However, it is a great collection of mainstream trance classics, and a perfect introduction to trance electronica.

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