Basement Jaxx – Remedy

The cover of Basement Jaxx’s debut, Remedy, show’s naked bodies packed tightly together. The music is tight and sexy, too, and sure to get people dancing.

Remedy is full of poppy takes on house, hip-hop, salsa, and electro music. The songs are catchy, and the production is a blend of influences. The songs jump from style to style, but the production keeps it together.

There are plenty of tracks on Remedy. “Rendez-vu” combines a salsa dance sound with funk vocoder vocals. “Bingo Bango” brings back the salsa with bouncy pianos and a heavy dance beat.

“Red Alert” is a memorable house disco track that features great funk bass and synchronized lo-fi sound effects.

Red alert! Red alert!
It’s a catastrophe
Don’t worry…..Don’t panic
Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but history, yeah
But it’s alright, don’t panic

It’s not going to win any songwriting awards, but at least it’s up there with “Disco Inferno”.

There’s a lot to like on Remedy: lots of uptempo dance numbers, interesting sounds, good use of samples, and even songs!

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