Bossacucanova – Brasilidade

Bossacucanova’s earlier album, Revisited Classics, was a fun take on Brazilian samba and bossa nova tunes of the past. They updated classic tunes with sophisticated drum programming, sampling, sythesizers and even scratching.

Their latest, Brasilidade, is a more developed and satisfying CD, because it offers both fantastic updates of classics, and some excellent modern Brazilian dance music.

On this album, they are joined by Roberto Menescal, who is an experienced bossa nova guitarist. His guitar work is rhythmic and melodic, and recalls the great guitar work of earlier Brasilian bossa nova legends.

The combination of old and new works well. Throughout the CD, Bossacucanova uses electronics imaginitively. They blend beautifully programmed Brasilian dance beats with great melodies, which make this dance music in the best sense of the term.

The entire CD is full of jazzy electronica that is sensuous and mellow. Bossacucanova, like Bebel Gilberto did with her Tanto Tempo, prove that there’s a lot of life left in bossa nova music.

Roberto Menescal has commented, “It is great to see that bossa nova can be rejuvenated – this makes it eternal.” Bossacucanova do more than rejuvenate Brasilian music. With Brasilidade, they jump start it with the power of a defibrillator.

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