is a Texas-based company that makes modern, Moog-like analog modular systems. The systems, sometimes known as Arrick synthesizers, use traditional patch-cord routing, and feature large knobs for a true hands-on, performance-oriented modular synth. Yeah, baby!

They offer pre-built systems such as the QSS22 and QSS44 which offer 22 or 44 space wood cabinets. The QKB15S 5-octave studio keyboard which uses MIDI and converts it to CV/Gate analog signals.

They also sell individual modules, so you can customize your system to meet your needs. modules will fit into Moog modulars and the signal levels are compatible. One of their more interesting modules is a 24-step analog sequencer. These can be daisy-chained for longer sequences.

Their current line-up is fairly extensive:

QSS22 Modules
Q101 Power Control
Q102 AC Power Interface
Q104 MIDI Interface
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillator
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q108 Amplifier
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q110 Noise Source
Q112 Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q117 Sample & Hold
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q132 Blank Double Panel
Q138 Logo Panel

QSS44 Additional Modules
Q103 DC Power Interface
Q106 Oscillator
Q108 Amplifier
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q111 Pan/Fade
Q112 Mixer
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q120 Connector Interface
Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q128 Switch
Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
Q131 Blank Single Panel
Q141 Oscillator Aid
Q142 Pedal Interface

Other Modules
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q115 Reverb
Q119 Sequencer
Q121 Banana Jack Interface
Q122 Mini Jack Interface
Q123 Standards
Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid
Q143 Presets
Q146 Normalization
Q147 Distributor
Q150 Tran Ladder Filter
Q161 Oscillator Mixer
Q162 Filter Mixer

Information on each module is available at their site.

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