Broadjam Still Loves You!

Yeah, Broadjam sounds like one of those porn sites that takes over your machine and pops up a million windows until your machine slows to a complete halt….but it isn’t.

Broadjam is a site that allows musicians to have an artist web page, complete with up to 8 songs. They are offering free access to users. So if you’ve been depressed that you got dumped by, you should check them out!

If you sign up, you can upload your songs and have them reviewed by other musicians. In order to activate your songs, you have to listen to and review 4 songs. The gist is that everybody’s songs get listened to quickly and get rated.

While your there, you can download and sample MP3’s and add your own your reviews. While you can use Broadjam to get free music, the emphasis is really on offering musicians a place to host their music, get feedback, and get some exposure.

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