Paul Van Dyk – Global

Global is a retrospective greatest hits package of superstar DJ Paul Van Dyk’s work over the last ten years. It’s a good introduction to his work and worth a listen for dance electronica fans. While it takes off in many places, it rarely soars.

The CD is a mix that contains Van Dyk’s most popular cuts, including “Tell me why”, and “Together we will conquer”. The music walks the line between trance and straight ahead dance music, which is why Van Dyk calls his music “electronic dance music”. There’s an element of euphoric trance in his work, but he never strays too far from the dance floor.

The CD includes a couple of new cuts, “Animacion”, and “My World”. The last cuts sums up the album and Van Dyk’s place in the world of DJs. On Global, he collects music from his international DJ career and sums up his current place in the electronica world.

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