Besonic has the digital music thing down. Browse music by category, listen to a stream of top songs, rate the music and more. Find music according to attitude, sound, tempo, vocals, genre or language.

Besonic currently has about 80,000 songs, which is a fraction of what had. Nevertheless, it is currently one of the best of the free music download sites. It has music categorized by genre, so you can listen to a radio station of new music in a given genre. When you listen to the songs, you can give them the thumbs up, rate them neutral, or give them the thumbs down. The ratings let you browse the music by popularity, which makes it easier to find good new music.

When you browse to artists, you have the option to stream the song at high or low bit rates, or to download the song.

For musicians, Besonic has a lot to offer. You can upload your songs so that they can be streamed or downloaded, and create a mini web site. They encourage you to use their premium service, which allows you to host as many songs as you like, the ability to customize your homepage, and to stream at high bit rates.

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