Stephen Halpern

The music of Stephen Halpern has lived outside of the electronica mainstream for 30 years, yet it’s been very influential, especially in the world of New Age music.

Most of Halpern’s music is peaceful and calm, and is free of the rhythmic pulse of most music. Instead, it uses a longer pulse, based on the rhythm of breathing. He uses long relaxed phrases to communicate the meditative goal of his music.

Halpern’s music is often meant to be functional music. It may be for meditation, massage, or yoga. The peaceful facade of the music makes it easy to miss the fact that the music challenges many assumptions we have about music. While the sound of the music is peaceful, it’s music without traditional melody, structure or motion. The music is also built on the idea that sound can change the rhythms of your body, and that it can healing properties.

The site is primarily a promotional site. It has sections that cover each of the main functional purposes that he makes music for, and samples are provided for each CD. The site also has biographical and tour information.

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