Various – Pure Trance

If you’re looking for a greatest hits of trance package, this may fit the bill. Trance fans, though, may find Pure Trance a little too generic.

Pure Trance has a lot of good cuts. ATB’s “You’re Not Alone” is presented in an Air Play mix. Tatana’s “Global Thinking” is a blueprint for trance/dance cut. It’s got the filtered synth arpeggios, string synth pads, drum builds, and even the vocal diva. This mix takes a long time to build up; it’s almost three minutes into the song before the drum kicks in for real.

Arome’s “Hands Up” is a great bliss-out trance cut. It slowly builds for about a minute, with the synthesizers getting brighter and brighter until the drums and vocals kick in. There are several other greatest hits cuts: Paul Van Dyk’s “Tell me why”,  DJ Tiesto’s “Suburban Train”, and Moby’s “We are all made of stars.”

Overall, it’s a good “greatest hits” introduction to trance. The cd isn’t a mix cd, which many trance fance may miss. The CD suffers a little from it’s top 40 approach, but does a great job of showcasing some of the best mainstream trance music.


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