Paul Oakenfold – A Vogage Into Trance

Paul Oakenfold is one of the top DJs in the world, and he’s at the top of his form on Voyage into Trance.

This CD is a 12-cut DJ mix of some top trance artists. The emphasis is on instrumental trance, and a lot of the cuts could be considered “goa” trance or psychedelic trance. This is great music for active listening – driving, dancing, or on your iPod.

Genetic’s “Trancemission” starts of the CD with some sampled dialogue but quickly transitions into a throbbing trance workout. Things really take off with Man With No Name’s “Sly-ed”. You can hear the influence of a lot of classic German electronica, like Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, on this cut. Total Eclipse’s “Aliens” carries on in a similar psychedelic trance vein.

Oakenfold keeps the pace fast and mixes the cuts together smoothly, with only a couple of slow-down on the entire album. The individual cuts and the individual bands melt into the continuous Oakenfold sound. Voyage into Trance is a great introduction to psychedelic trance music.

Note: Mix fans should watch out – this CD has been released under at least two covers!

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