Steve Roach – Structures from Silence

Structures from Silence is classic of minimal space music. On it, Roach uses sequencers driving quite synthesized melodies within a deeply reverberent space, to create a sense of timeless spaciousness.

Structures from Silence is one of the best of Roach’s early work. Structures from Silence contains three pieces, “Relection in Suspension”, “Quiet Friend”, and “Structures from Silence”. While each piece has a unique sound, they work together because of his use of similar sounds and compositional techniques.

The music bears the influence of early space music artists such as Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, but explores a more ambient territory. The music’s volume barely rises above the level of quiet, making this perfect background music for a variety of things. The music is electronica, ambient space music. It also bears the influence of new age music, because this music seems intended for background or ambient listening.

This is a great introduction to the music of Steve Roach, and a great example of ambient space music.

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