Blue 6 – Beautiful Tomorrow

Jay Denis wants you to get it on.

As founder of Naked Music, he’s released a lot of sensual music that’s equally at home on the dance floor and at home. His debut as Blue Six, Beautiful Tomorrow, is a savory slice of sexy soul. He lays down seminal house grooves, while soul divas do what they do best. If you want some electronica to slow dance to, Beautiful Tomorrow is it.

Lisa Shaw gets things going with her vocals on “Let’s Do It Together”. This sets the mood and gives the not-so-subtle hints about where this music is heading. Other vocalists, such as Monique Bingham and Catherine Russell add equally soulful vocals.

Bingham’s “Close to Home” tells the story of a long-distance romance, and captures the longing of lovers that are separated. “Music and Wine” is a soul tribute to some of the finer things in life “Pure” is another standout track, a smooth tune filled with sultry vocals.

The bass grooves, sexy vocals, and subtle use of samples make this CD of intelligent house music. Denis may have a pattern that he uses when making his Naked Music releases, but if they could all sound as good as this, nobody would mind.

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