Massive Attack – 100th Window

This 2003 release covers similar territory to the band’s 1998 Mezzanine. The sound is epic and lives up to the name Massive.

This moody orchestral work finds Massive Attack working with some interesting collaborators. Sinead O’Connor adds her distinctive sound to “What Your sould Sings”. Her singing makes this a moving song. She also helps out on “A Prayer for England”, where her emotional delivery contrasts with Massive Attacks restrained backing. Horace Andy contributes the vocal for “Name Taken”, a string filled number that’s anything but easy listening.

Overall, the sound on 100th Window is restrained and mellow. The music stretches the boundaries of trip-hop. If there’s a weakness, it’s that the interest comes primarily from the vocalists, rather than the music itself.

100th Window doesn’t break new ground to the extend that Massive Attack’s 1991 release Blue Lines did. Nevertheless, it’s a well produced slice of challening dance electronica.

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