DJ Sasha

DJ SashaDJ Sasha, aka Alexander Coe, has been one of the top DJs since the 90s, mixing trance and house tracks, working with Digweed and releasing best-selling artist CDs.

Sasha started out as a club DJ in the eighties. He first gained national attention, though, spinning grooves at club Renaissance. There he helped establish the UK house style. He released a compilation of the tracks that he played there, helping to start the trend for club-branded albums, and establishing his name in the process.

His mixes draw on trance, progressive and deep house tracks. Since then, Sasha has established himself as one of the few crossover DJs, successful with artist CDs as well as mix albums. His first artist release, Xpander, was a hit and has been played in clubs since. His more recent artist CD, Airdrawndagger, has proved to be popular, too. According to Sasha, his sound comes “from artists like Spooky, Future Sound of London, Underworld, Leftfield and William Orbit’s label Guerilla. When their records came around, I was like, This is what I want to play.”

He has worked extensively with John Digweed on the Northern Exposure CDs.  He’s also remixed tracks for the Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Chemical Brothers, Simply Red and M People.

In addition to his skills as a DJ and artist, he plays the piano and bagpipes.


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