Behringer – DJ mixers, professional audio equipment, amplifiers, speakers and monitors

Behringer manufactures professional audio and music equipement, and is best known for providing good-quality equipment at a very affordable price. Product groups provide complete solutions to the audio recording, sound reinforcement , DJ and pro-light segments of the market. Their extensive range includes DJ mixers, digital signal processors, a state-of-the-art digital mixing console, patchbays, DI boxes, headphone amplifiers, loudspeaker systems, microphones, instrument amplifiers, power mixers and loudspeaker management systems..

Their trademark, “Double the features, half the price”, captures their philosophy. Much of Behringer’s equipment sells new for less than used prices for comparable equipment from other manuractures. Behringer focuses on using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to keep costs down, while using innovative design to bring a great feature set to the user.

Amazingly, the company is less than fifteen years old. It was founded by Uli Behringer about thirteen years ago. Now Behringer is an international group of companies that is one of the largest manufactures of pro audio equipment.

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