Dean Mixes Signal New Era for Electronic Music

howard dean remixedInstant Music is here. The rise of desktop music production has completely changed the way music is created and distributed. The dozens of remixes of Howard Dean’s infamous “yeaaaaaah” speech show that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can now quickly and easily publish music to the world.

The problems of creation, recording, mastering, production and distribution that come with the traditional music industry are disappearing. Musicians can now record and master music on their computers and post it directly to the Internet. Programs like Apple’s GarageBand simplify the process so that just about anyone can get involved in computer music. Many musicians are using blogging tools to create their own sites. This gives them control of everthing, from recording to distribution.

The rise of “Instant Music” has never been as obvious as the last few days. Within hours of Howard Dean’s speech at the end of the Iowa Caucauses, remixes were appearing on the Internet . Dozens of musicians saw the humor in Dean’s concession speech, and have made remixes ranging from techno, to rock and funk. A Howard Dean fan has posted links to dozens of these remixes on his site. Amazingly enough, while you’re listening to your favorite Dean remix, you can check out the Howard Dean store for clothing that commemorates the speech. Would you believe that there’s even a thong printed with the speech. All we can say is….”Yeeeeeaaaaaah!”

Expect to see Instant Music become common as the tools become widely available. The Dean remixes may be funny, but they also are a sign of how desktop music publishing is going to revolutionize music just as desktop publishing revolutionized the print world.

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