eMagic – Logic, Audio and MIDI Interfaces

eMagic, a subsidiary of Apple, is one of the leaders in the area of computer music software. Their logic software is one of the leading applications for commercial music production, used by over a quarter of a million studios. As a division of Apple, their expertise in music production is being used to make the Macintosh the ideal platform for computer music production and to innovate consumer music tools.

Logic Pro is their professional music platform. It features audio recording, sound generation, notation editing and post production. Logc Express is a cut down version that supports music composition, audio recording, remixing and multimedia production. eMagic’s line of virtual instruments are considered to be some of the best sounding, especially their EVP88. eMagic also makes several professional and consumer audio and MIDI interfaces.

The most significant work coming out of eMagic may be the integration of their technologies into the MacOS and Apple’s lineup of consumer audio tools. Apple’s iLife GarageBand brings an amazing level of computer music technology to consumers.

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