Kurzweil Music Systems

Kurzweil – Raymond Kurzweil never intended to become a synth designer. He was an inventor that had developed a machine for the blind that scans written materials and reads them. Kurzweil Music Systems originated when Stevie Wonder, who owned one of the Kurzweil reading machines, challenged Ray Kurzweil to make an electronic instrument that combined the richness of acoustic sounds with the control and capabilities of electronics.

Kurzweil was up to Wonder’s challenge. Kurzweil developed the first ROM-based sampling keyboard, the K250. It was the first keyboard to successfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments. It amazed the music industry when it was released, because it accurately reproduced so many instruments, while being very playable, and flexible.

Since then, Kurzweil has released a series of keyboards that have built on the reputation that the K250 established. The Kurzweil has evolved by improving polyphony, effects, the sequencer, control flexibility and more. Their top-of-the-line K2600 series is one of the top choices for studio musicians because of its great sounds, power as a workstation, and abilities as a keyboard controller.

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