Anti Spam Music – Guaranteed to Put a Smile On Her Face!

What happens when you get a bunch of indie Internet musicians to write songs inspired by and titled with the subject line of an unwanted email message?

Outside the Inbox, a CD of songs inspired by spam, is the answer. This irreverant collection is funny and fresh, and we liked it even though it has almost nothing to do with electronica. Most of the music is done in an acoustic folk style. Fortunately, what these musicians lack in weapons of mass vibration, they make up for with their songwriting talent.

How can you not like a collection of songs with names like these?

  • I Got Your Letter
  • Do you Measure Up
  • Feel Better Now Blind
  • You Are Being Watched
  • Erik, Someone Wants To Date You
  • Urgent Business Relationship
  • Look And Feel Years Younger
  • Don’t Worry Where Your Keys Are At
  • Urgent Business Confidential
  • Where Is The Best Place
  • Your Medication
  • A Quick, Simple Form
  • psiloveyou
  • My Parents Are Gone For The Weekend…

Outside the Inbox is available for free download at the Brad Sucks site. You can also order CDs for only $5. Maybe if they sell some CDs, they could afford to get a few synthesizers!

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