CreamWare Rises from the Grave

When CreamWare, makers of DSP based audio products such as Pulsar and Noah, filed for insolvency in June 2003, the more than 30,000 users of CreamWare systems had reason to be concerned about CreamWare’s future and the future of their products.

CreamWare is known for its DSP-based hardware/software systems that combine excellent software modelling with the speed of dedicated hardware. The future of their line-up has been clouded because of the uncertainty of the company’s financial future.

“Today we are proud and happy to announce good news for our users,” reports CreamWare founder and managing director Frank Hund. “On February 1st, a new company, CreamWare Audio GmbH, will be able to continue development of existing CreamWare products, technology and customer relations. We can now finally close our insolvency chapter.”

“This transaction means that we can continue to build and grow our business, even if we are initially starting on a slightly smaller scale,” explains managing director Wolf Roth. “The new CreamWare has great products, technology and financing. And last but not least, we’re looking forward to working with many of the same people we have enjoyed working with in the past.”

Whether the new company will emerge as a phoenix, or a ghost, remains to be seen. CreamWare’s technology is fantastic, but goes against the trend towards native software.

CreamWare Audio GmbH will continue to provide technical support, repair and warranty services for CreamWare’s existing user base. The new company plans to exhibit and introduce new product already at the upcoming Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

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