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Beatwave ArgentinaBeatwave: Argentina, a new compilation of electronic dance music from Argentina, features 10 tracks from 10 artists. The CD is an interesting mix of styles and influences, and should appeal to fans of world music and latin electronica.

The CD is a Sonic360 release. They are releasing it exclusively online – it’s available through iTunes and the Sonic360 site.

Most of the tracks on Beatwave: Argentina combine sophisticated dance grooves with traditional latin influences. The tracks are rooted in retro sounds, but with a sophisticated twist. The overall sound of the CD is similar to the music on Bebel Gilberto’s first album, and the music of artists like Suba and Bossacucanova.

The tracks cover a lot of stylistic ground. Meesiva contributes Minim Jobim, which manages to sound quirky and experimental, while retaining a bit of tradional latin jazz sound. Index’s Bando-lero has a Suba-esque groove, combining loops, samples and effected accordian.

On Since Last Time, Ciudad Feliz sounds a bit like an Argentinian version of Air. They combine house beats with strange sounds and vocoded vocals. Mientras’ contributes a latin house track, Niebla, that is infections and captivating.

Capri takes the CD briefly into progressive trance territory with the hypnotic Monda. Capri uses echoes and panning to create a lively dance mix, with elements that swirl and dance from one ear to the other. The track is the longest on the CD, but keeps things moving through the use of creative builds and breakdowns.

On the last track, Amor, People slow things back down with a track that has a dub feel to it.

While the compilation explores a lot of stylistic territory, the track sequencing helps make the album a coherent set.

Beatwave Argentina is a stylish electronica compilation that is worth checking out.


  • Minim Jobim – Meesiva
  • Bando-lero – Index
  • Brr… – Leandro Fresco
  • Manzana De Metal – Altocamet
  • Since Last Time – Ciudad Feliz
  • Abusada – Burnin’ Vibra
  • Niebla – Mientras
  • Ladera – Trineo
  • Monda – Capri
  • Amor – People

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  2. Hi Raquel: I am also looking for info. on Capri Guitars. Please send me any info. that you come across.

    I have an acoustic Capri guitar. Made in Japan, Model #W6050. Very nice looking and sounding.

  3. I have a Capri acoustic Guitar model W6050 made in Japan. It was purchased in the early 60’s but never played. It was given to me as a gift, I like the sound and the easy finger board touch. Does anyone know what was the price it sold for and what it is worth today.

  4. Gee guys! Thanks for the totally unrelated spam to sell your trash.
    Meanwhile I have actually heard this album and the musicians / artists involved and they are excellent. That’s why I am leaving this comment. This music will keep you groovin and is a party guarantee.

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