Mychael Danna – Sirens

Sirens is an interesting mix of space music and classical programatic music. It is minimal orchestral electronica, with occasional acoustic instrumentation added to provide interest and flavor. Fans of new age music and Danna will enjoy this 1991 release.

Danna is a hugely prolific Canadian composer. His work is of uniformly high quality, and draws on the styles of space music, ambient music, and new age instrumental. He’s composed soundtracks for numerous films, and is at his best when combining orchestral electronica with acoustic instruments.

On Sirens, Danna is exporing ideas that are traditionally considered feminine – the mysterious, the sensual, and the beautiful. Danna uses Synclavier, samplers, a variety of synthesizers and tape loops to create an orchestral electronic backing. On top of this, acoustic sounds are added to create life and interest. Danna uses wordless female vocals to evoke the idea of sirens. Other instruments include guitar, bagpipes, steel guitar and flute.

The result is very orchestral sounding, though minimal. The music is beautiful, and easy on the ears. It’s very similar in style to Skys, which is great if you like Skys, but some listeners may find that Danna is not straying very far from familiar territory.

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