Monomachine SFX-6/60 Makes Mono Worth Catching

Elektron is known for making one-of-a-kind, drool-worthy instruments. Their Machinedrum drum machine takes some of the best drum sounds available and packages them in a big, knob-filled case, giving it an immediacy that makes it perfect for capturing live performance tweaks. The SidStation turns the soundchip that was originally used in the Commodore 64 computer into the synthesizer that never was, but should have been. It lets you recreate all the sounds of classic video games, but with all the flexibility and control that MIDI allows. Now their latest creation, the Monomachine SFX-6/60, dares to break new ground by delivering 6 different types of classic synthesis in one hardware keyboard.

The Monomachine is a multiple synthesis keyboard synthesizer and advanced pattern based sequencer. A selection of synthesis engines is controlled through a unique drum machine style sequencer interface and a 37-note musical keyboard. Elektron MonomachineThe Monomachine has six sequencer tracks, one for each synthesis type. All tracks are independent and have a dedicated effects and delay engine. The Monomachine’s sequencer extends the traditional note-on/off commands of many hardware sequencers to include control over all parameters and envelopes, allowing significantly more dynamic sound.

The Monosynths represent a sort of best-of-class of classic synthesis technologies:

  • SuperWave takes its inspiration from the analog world. It gives warm and thick sounds. The SuperSaw and SuperPulse is a paradise of oscillators and sub oscillators. The Ensemble is specialized in creating polyphonic textures, chords and harmonies.
  • SID is based on the synthesis of the legendary SID chip, from the Commodore 64. The SID-chip was used in the first Elektron synth, the SidStation. The SID offers one oscillator of high quality MOS 6581 synthesis, complete with ringmod and sync.
  • DigiPRO offers raw digital waveforms, which can be put into animated life. DigiPRO is harsh and electrical, and its sound stands out in the mix. The BeatBox can also be found here. It offers a percussive toolbox shaped in the traditions of the Machinedrum E12 synth.
  • FM+ implements frequency modulation algorithms. What sets FM+ ahead of the competition is the fact that it addresses the complexity problem normally associated with FM synthesis. FM+ offers a fine tuned sound control engine which delivers dynamic musical space age sounds with ease, from an intuitive set of parameters.
  • VO is the singing voice synthesis engine of the Monomachine. Offering full control over vocal, consonants and voice type, it is at your service to sing words in any language or dialect, or maybe form vocal sounds yet to be discovered.


Each Monomachine track is an independent synthesizer, with its own effects engine. The track effects are always at hand with dedicated controllers and form a natural extension of the Monosynths to shape the sound. The Track Effect System consists of five concurrent effects: 1-band EQ, 24dB Lo/Band/Hi-pass resonant filter with individual Q-control, Sample Rate Reduction and distortion. Additionally each track offers an individual tempo-synchronised tape-style delay engine.

Sound Control & Sequencing

The Monomachine features an advanced step sequencer for pattern based music creation. Extending from the traditional note-on/note-off sequencing, the Monomachine offers immediate control over all sound synthesis and effects parameters at any pattern step.

The Monomachine separates pitch sequencing from envelope trigging, offering three individual trig tracks for amplitude envelope, filter envelope and lfo trigging. Each track is further spiced with three multi-shaped tempo-synchronised interlaced LFO’s assignable to any of the 56 track-parameters.

Additionally the Monomachine offers a six-voice polyphonic mode, six tracks of MIDI sequencing, as well as a song arranger for creating full Monomachine songs. The Monomachine also fits perfect into a live situation using the multi trig mode or studio environment using multi map for phrase trigging.

Pricing and Availability

The Monomachine SFX-6 is available direct from Elektron. All prices include one year full warranty and ten days money back guarantee.


  • Inside the European Union: EUR 1950
  • Sweden: SEK 18,000
  • US and the rest of the world: USD 1900

The Sweden and Euro prices include sales tax as required by law.

For sound clips and additional details, visit the Monomachine website.

Monomachine SFX-6 Specifications

Sound Control

  • 6 Track Internal Sequencer
  • 6 Track External MIDI Sequencer
  • 64 Step Maximum Pattern Length
  • 128x User Programmable Patterns
  • 32x User Programmable Songs
  • 18x Tempo Synced interlaced LFO’s
  • 6×56 Parameter Locks per sequencer step
  • Full Real-time Control
  • Full MIDI Support


  • 6x Tape-style Tempo-synced Delay
  • 6x 1-Band EQ
  • 6x Resonant 24db lp/bp/hp
  • 6x Sample Rate Reduction
  • 6x Distortion
  • Machine effects for Reverb, Chorus etc

Sound Generating System

  • 5x Monosynths
  • 10 Individual Synthesis Machines
  • 6 Part Mono/Poly Synthesis
  • 6 Part Track Effect System
  • 6×128 User Programmable Patches


  • Compact Hi-Q Design
  • 110V/220V Operation
  • 128×64 Pixel Backlit LCD
  • 37-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard
  • 4-Directional Steel Joystick
  • 3x MIDI DIN5P In/Out/Thru
  • 6x Separate 1/4″ Audio Out
  • 2x Separate 1/4″ Audio In
  • 1x 1/4″ Stereo Headphone Output
  • Dual DSP System
  • User upgradeable flash for OS
  • Brushed Aluminium Top
  • Steel Casing
  • Dimensions: 975x176x55 mm
  • Weight: 7.0 kg

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