Paul Van Dyk – Reflections

The latest CD from Paul Van Dyk puts the emphasis on vocal trance. The result is a mixed bag, because Van Dyk delivers the goods on several tracks, but there are others that sound like filler.

The album emphasis pop song forms within a trance context. The result is cuts that are well-crafted, but that often could use more of an edge. Several songs on this CD sound like vintage Van Dyk, including “Crush”, the title track “Reflections”, and “Nothing But You”. “Crush” open the album, and features an epic build-up that draws you into the song. The cut uses the climax-release formula of classic trance cuts effectively.

Unfortunately, there are also a few cuts that will make you reach for your remote, too, including “Like a Friend”. This track goes Sting, trying to save the world in a pop song.

There is a lot to like on Reflections. There’s some good vocal trance cuts, a few great instrumentals, and enough variety to avoid boredom. However, it sounds like Van Dyk may be trying to branch out beyond his strengths, like BT did on emotionaltechnology. Both albums have great production and many good songs, but would benefit from some editing.

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