Ray Lynch – Deep Breakfast

This 1984 release is a classic of lighter new age electronica. The music on Deep Breakfast is relentlessly catchy, with soothing sounds and attractive melodies.

Deep Breakfast was a hit when it was released on stations that played new age music. The music makes extensive use of Yamaha DX7, a synthesizer that is great at making bright, clean sounds. The combination of pleasurable sounds and melodies makes Lynch’s music easy to get into.

The tracks fall into the category of light new age music. The tracks are all very accessible and upbeat, with fairly conservative electronic orchestration. The opening track, “Celestial Soda Pop”, captures the sound and style of the CD. The track is upbeat and bouncy, sort of in the tradition of the classic pop synth track “Popcorn”. Nothing too deep or complicated, just pleasant pop synthesis.

A few of the tracks lean more towards space music, including “The Oh of Pleasure”. This is more of a space music track, with some similarities to the music of Jarre. “Your Feeling Shoulders” is a standout cut. It is part space music and part symphonic electronica. It mixes drones with synth strings, and switches between pensive slow sections, and quicker melodic sections.

“Rhythm in the Pews” is more accessible new age music, like “Celestial Soda Pop”. “Tiny Geometries” makes good use of sequenced patterns that echo, creating a trance effect. Lynch combines this with his strong sense of melody to create an interesting melodic space track.

Deep Breakfast is a great example of what can be done with DX synthesizers. Lynch’s ear for melody also makes it a great album for fans of  the lighter side of new age music.

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