Free Ambient Music from Steve Roach

Ambient electronic artist Steve Roach has released an extended live version of his track Sands of Time. This is only available via the Internet, and is a free download.

The track is a sequencer-driven piece that combines a rhythmic sequenced bass with Roach’s unmistakable ambient textures. He’s joined by synthesist Paul Ellis on this live track, recorded at a performance in Portland. It’s a hypnotic track that combines throbbing sequences with slowly evolving textures.

The music is taken from the CD Life Sequence, which is a collection of pieces that Roach calls “personally significant unreleased pieces.” The pieces represent a side of Roach’s music that he hasn’t displayed as much recently, the more driving sequence sound. According to Roach “I felt the growing urge to re-visit my electronic “roots” in analog sequencer style music. The fact that I had moved away from this sound for awhile made reconnecting with it much like finding an old friend inside myself.”

The free download is available at Roach’s site.

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