Macbeth Studio Systems

Macbeth Studio Systems manufactures the M3X analog synthesizer, a highly-regarded Minimoog-like rack module that brings classic Moog sounds under MIDI control.

The M3X is a precision, hand built, drift free analog synthesiser aimdesigned to meet the needs of musicians that want quality of sound, functionality and ergonomics. It combines the traditional warmth and control of the analog synthesiser with modern controls. The instrument has been designed operate via MIDI and responds to the traditional 1V/Octave control voltage input and output, as well as the standard S Trig interface as used by many analogue systems.

Macbeth has also announced the M5 “Flatpack” semi-modular system. It will have three oscillators, each with a sub-octave; two multi-waveform LFOs, one with dedicated sample-and-hold; a lag processor; two voltage-controlled filters; a ring modulator; and a voltage-controlled panning section. The synth will be internally patched, but can signal paths can be customized using patch cables.

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