Metasonix makes tube-based analog synthesizer components. They can be used with most analog synthesizers, and can also be used as guitar effects boxes.

Metasonix’s products are built with all-tube signal paths. As a result, they offer sounds and effects that are not available using traditional analog equipment or software plug-ins. According to Metasonix, the designs are built around top-quality NOS tubes. These modules are the nitro-burning funny cars of the synthworld – powerful enough to blow just about anything away.:

  • Metasonix designs are by Eric Barbour, an expert in vacuum tube design.
  • Signal and control-voltage inputs and outputs on Metasonix products are 100% compatible with common analog equipment. They will work with MOTM synth modules, and Metasonix offers panels to mount them in MOTM and Doepfer style racks.
  • They estimate the life of the tubes at 11 years of continuous operation, 24 hours a day! In normal use, Metasonix says the tubes should a minimum of 20-30 years.
  • Metasonix use tubes which exist in vast numbers at dealers and in distributor warehouses.

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