PAiA is one of the original sources for DIY music products. Their line of kits are well-designed, thoroughly documented, and relatively easy to build.

Since 1967, PAiA Electronics has worked with electronics and music magazines to create low-cost kits for musicians. They work with authors and designers that are experts in analog electronics for music, and have created classic products that have given many people their first taste of DIY electronics. The low cost of their kits has allowed people that would otherwise not have been able to afford it to be able to get involved with electronic music.

Their current catalog includes:

  • Theremax – a traditional theremin with features that also make it useful as a gestural controller
  • FatMan – a low cost MIDI controlled analog synthesizer
  • A patchable analog modular synthesizer
  • Vacuum Tube Preamplifiers, and loads of Effects and Processors.
  • 23 projects from Craig Anderton’s book “Electronic Projects for Musicians”.

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