Wiard analog synthesizer modules are known for their audiophile quality, their exotic looks, and their quirky nature. Each module has features that give it personality, and many of the modules are unique to the Wiard line.

According to Wiard, the “modules form an integrated analog modular synthesizer system. They are intended to be used as a set. There is no problem interfacing them to existing equipment, but they are designed to provide a synergistic set of functions when used together. The designs incorporate virtually every operating feature from every modular designed to this point. In addition, quite a few new features have been developed that are not available from any other system. Many features have been taken from dance music technology and married with features from the avant-garde.”

The modules are bright blue and feature celtic-looking designs. Their look, along with their features, make Wiard modules some of the most interesting modules in production.

The line includes:

  • The Classic VCO – A pure analog VCO.
  • The Sequantizer – An eight-stage, CV stage-selectable sequencer / quantizer
  • The Waveform City – An analog VCO with digital (PROM-based) waveshaper.
  • The Envelator – A dual, voltage-controlled envelope and chaotic function source
  • Omni Filter – A voltage-controlled, multi-mode, multi-output analog filter.
  • The Mixolator – A dual VCA/panner/modulator module.
  • The Borg Filter – A dual Vactrol-based multi-mode filter and 2 LFOs
  • Woggle Bug – A dual random voltage and tone source

The modules are compatible with common analog modular synthesizers.

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