Cyndustries modular analog synthesizer panelCyndustries makes some of the most interesting analog synthesizer components available. They are in Modcan format, but are electricly compatible with most other modular equipment.

Cyndustries has many unique modules that are certifiably drool-worthy:

  • Dual Sawtooth Animator
  • 4 Channel Analog Switch
  • Milton Voltage-Controlled Sequencer
  • Synthacon Filter
  • StereOSpace
  • Super Psycho LFO
  • Octal Inverting Attenuator
  • Quad Bandpass
  • Gated Comparator

In addition to many original designs, Cyndustries provides Modcan formatted versions of popular modules from other companies, including the MOTM Triple Resonant Filter, and the Blacet Dark Star Chaos.

Cyndustries has a great site. For many of their modules, they provide sound samples that do a great job of showing off the unique features of their equipment. For their sequence, they also provide a short video that shows it in action.

Cynthia Webster, the woman behind Cyndustries, also has collected a large index to online information about woman in synthesis.

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