ASM-1 Home Page

The ASM-1 home page is a great site for anyone interested in DIY analog synthesis. It is the unofficial homepage for the ASM-1 synth, an analog modular synthesizer built around a custom-designed and manufactured PCB.

The site is put together by Magnus Danielson, who has invested a lot of time into detailing his synth-building. The ASM-1 synthesizer project was created by Gene Stopp. Originally Gene produced and sold the PCB. As of October 2002 he passed this work over to Laurie Biddulph at Elby-Designs, who has released a kit for making the newly christened ASM-2.

Danielson’s site also is a primary resource for anyone building an ASM-1. It has information on panel designs, mods, and links to other ASM-1 related sites.

ASM-2 boards and kits are available at the Elby-Designs site.

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