Maximum MIDI

Combine programming with music for a total musical geek-out with the Maximum MIDI site. The site is a companion to the book, Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++. Need we say more?

The site has several projects for the hardcore synth-diy fan. For anyone interested in the technical side of MIDI and synthesizers, both this book and the site are excellent starting places.

The book explains the fundamental algorithms needed to make music using MIDI. They include:

  • Achieving rock-solid synchronization and musical timing
  • Syncing to SMPTE/MIDI Time Code
  • Syncing to MIDI sync
  • Reading and writing Standard MIDI Files

The book comes with a CDROM that includes:

  • All of the book’s source code and examples, including the low-level DLL code
  • The entire text of the book, as HTML pages
  • An (unsupported) 16-bit ToolKit, PtkLite, including DLL source

Over a dozen example programs lead you through all aspects of MIDI programming. Starting from the simplest MIDI input and output programs, these examples build in features and power, culminating in three pretty-darn-useful programs: MidiSpy, SxLib, and MaxSeq.

The Maximum MIDI site provides details on many MIDI diy projects.

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