Music from Outer Space

If you’re interested in building analog synthesizers, this is a great place to look. Music from Outer Space has a large collection of DIY synth projects, including oscillators, filters, amplifiers, noise sources, envelope generators, even sequencers.

Music from Outer Space is the home of Ray Wilson, his band ADHD Boy, and his collection of DIY synthesizer projects. Wilson’s site is very professional, and he’s filled it with music, ideas and humor.

ADHD Boy is his schyzophrenic alter ego – he does “Switched-On” versions of Bach, blues, easy listening, rock, and electronic soundscapes. This reflects his musical influences, which include Pink Floyd, Wendy Carlos, led Zeppelin and Randy Travis. Wilson provides free MP3 downloads of his tracks. Electronica fans will enjoy his MP3 ‘radio stations’ of electronic music.

Analog synth builders will find his collection of synth projects very interesting. He provides professionally drawn schematics, parts lists, and excellent instructions for his projects. Wilson says “You have just discovered one of the coolest analog synth resources on the web.” He’s not exagerating. “Check it out, build something cool, have fun.”

Of particular interest is Wilson’s Sound Lab Mini-Synth. He’s selling PC Boards for a complete synthesizer, complete with oscillators, an LFO, noise source, envelope generator, and a filter.

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