v Mini-Synth Puts Analog Power in a Tiny Package

Sound Lab Mini-SynthMusic from Outer Space has introduced an exciting project for synth do-it-yourself builders. The Sound Lab Mini-Synth is a professionally produced PC board that lets you build a tiny, but powerful analog synthesizer.

Music from Outer Space is the home of Ray Wilson, an advanced synth builder, and a musician that records under the name ADHD Boy.

The Mini-Synth is a project for intermediate to advanced builders. It packs a lot of power into a tiny package. The Mini-Synth has dual oscillators, an LFG, a noise generator, a mixer, a filter, and an envelope generator. The whole thing is designed so that it can run off of two 9-volt batteries!

Wilson provides detailed instructions for building it, a suggested panel layout and wiring diagrams. Builders need to supply the actual components and other materials to complete the project.

The site has an extensive collection of MP3’s that show off the flexibility of the Mini-Synth.

Diagrams, instructions, and ordering information are provided on the Music from Outer Space site.

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