Native Instruments Announces New Products

The Musikmesse has opened in Frankfurt, and Native Instruments has announced several new products, including the Guitar Rig, Elektrik Piano, an organ controller, and several new software bundles.

Native Instruments Guitar RigThe Guitar Rig combines a foot controller and groundbreaking software with amp, speaker, microphone, and effect emulations. The newly developed advanced analog modelling technologies guarantee a unique and incomparable sound quality.

Elektrik Piano combines four legendary e-pianos in one instrument. The software instrument reproduces the sounds of the MK I und MK II, E7, and A 200. This software e-piano is based on the Kontakt sample engine.

NI Komplete 2 delivers 11 NI instruments in one package. It has instrument emulations, samplers, and effects on two DVDs that provide you with every imaginable instrument and sound. Various update packages make NI Komplete 2 not only interesting for new customers, but also for those existing NI customers who want to make their instrument collection “Komplete”.

Organ controllerThe B4D is a unique drawbar controller for the B4 Organ. B4 players will look forward to the new B4D drawbar controller: this classy hardware controller offers 9 mechanical drawbars, 22 buttons, and 2 knobs for direct hands-on operation of nearly all B4 parameters. The B4D offers extremely dynamic control for the most authentic organ emulation ever! B4D will be available soon individually or as a bundle with the B4 organ.

Native has also packaged three compact versions of existing NI instruments together as the XPress Keyboards. This consists of XPress versions of B4, PRO-53, and FM7, which all combine uncomplicated ease of use and superb sound quality – at an very affordable price.

Finally, Native is releasing FM7 Sounds Vol. 2. This collection provides 256 new sounds for FM7. Following the successful FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 preset expansion, Native Instruments has compiled a brand-new selection of sounds for the award-winning NI synthesizer FM7. Renowned sound designers programmed 256 outstanding new FM sounds, including e-pianos, synth sounds, basses, organs, rhythmic sounds, atmospheres, sound effects, and percussion. The ideal sonic expansion for FM7 fans.

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