Cameleon 5000 Additive Morphing Resynthesiser

Cameleon 5000 is a revolutionary virtual synthesiser, featuring unique resynthesis and sound morphing technologies, and offering ease of programming.

The Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 blurs the boundaries between sampling and synthesis. Want a bass sound with the tone of an acoustic, but the punch of an electric? Simply import samples of both, and click in the “morphing square” to create your own hybrids. Imagine a patch with the harmonics of a human voice, and the percussive attack of an acoustic piano. Imagine real-time morphing between a vibraphone and a choir, or a flute and a guitar. With the Cameleon, anything is possible.

Camel Audio’s new Sonic Blueprint analysis algorithms and Hybrid Synthesis sound warping technology are the results of several years’ painstaking research in the field of digital signal processing. Theory is put into practice with the Cameleon: a unique musical instrument, notable both for its exceptional sound quality and intuitive user interface.

At its heart lies a powerful additive synthesiser, with freely detunable partials and a flexible 128 band noise generator. Any single note WAV/AIFF format sampled sound can be imported and “blueprinted”, its key characteristics instantly captured and made available for use in the synthesis engine.

Advanced data reduction techniques allow the complex description of real acoustic sounds to be reduced to a relatively small number of parameters, for easier real-time manipulation. The synthesiser offers both velocity and keyboard scaling, allowing you to add heightened expressive “realism” to even your most outlandish creations.

The Camelon comes with a comprehensive library of both acoustic and electronic sounds, organised into categories including bass, pads and strings, among others. These sounds can be browsed, by sound or by category, from the Cameleon’s easy-to-use interface.

Cameleon is available for Win VST, Mac OS X VST and AU and Mac OS 9 VST.


  • Import and morph any WAV/AIFF file
  • 128 band noise generator
  • 64 detuneable partials
  • Amplitude/frequency envelope for each harmonic
  • Sophisticated graphic displays (time/amplitude, harmonic/amplitude, harmonic/pitch and more)
  • Attack and release bar graphs for all partials
  • 128 band formant filter
  • Intuitive “morphing square”, to warp between four sounds at a time
  • Extensive real-time parameter modulation by velocity, LFO and envelope
  • High-quality portamento allows for realistic note bending
  • Resonant filter and tube distortion (based on popular CamelPhat design)
  • Built-in chorus, delay and reverb effects

The Camel Audio site has details and and extensive collection of demo MP3’s.

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