New Glove Lets You Do Any MIDI Job by Hand

NoDNA has introduced their new X-IST MIDIGlove, a new glove MIDI controller that lets hand gestures do the job of controlling any MIDI parameter you like!

Midi glove lets you do any midi job by hand gestureWith the X-IST MidiGlove, an innovative new controller for Midi (Musical Instrument Device Interface) data, you can manipulate 5 Midi controllers simultanously just by moving your fingers. You simply wear this new dataglove and plug it into the X-IST GloveBox, which is the processing unit for the MidiGlove. The GloveBox then supplies the ready to be used Midi Signal at a Midi Output connector.

The built-in USB interface allows a comfortable setup of all settings of the MidiGlove with your PC and it contains some very new features: hand gestures can be stored by simply posing your hand and pressing a key. Whenever you repeat these gestures in your performance you get a configurable controller or note signal which you can use to trigger and control music or effects or even lights.

The X-IST GloveBox is capable to host two MidiGloves at the same time, this enables you to perform with two hands and ten fingers, changing ten controllers in realtime with your finger movements.

For more information, check the NoDNA site.

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