9 Beet Stretch – Free Experimental Ambient MP3 Download

Challenge your perception with this innovative ambient reinterpretation of one of the greatest works of Beethoven. 9 Beet Stretch is the Ninth Symphony stretched to last twenty-four hours. By slowing down the recording so dramatically, recognizable melodies are lost, and the ambient sound can be appreciated. You can download free MP3s of the music, and hear for yourself ambient Beethoven.

9 Beet Stretch is realized by Sal Randolph, based on a concept of Leif Inge. As they put it, “9 Beet Stretch consists of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony stretched to 24 hours, leading it closer to eternity than ever.”

What is fascinating about the work is that it works so well. The stretching process abstracts the original music to a certain extent. Details of the sound emerge, and the continuous shifting of the sound exposes nuances that would be never be noticed, otherwise. During the choral sections, fans may notice striking similarities to the effects used by Ligeti in his music.

The work was produced for the Free Manifesta in 2002, a “show of nonmonetary art in public places”.

Free MP3s of the music are available for download.


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