Synth DIY Hall of Fame

When musicians and do it yourself electronics mix, the results can be amazing, surprising, and even downright disturbing! PAiA has been supplying electronic kits for musicians for years, and musicians have been doing freaky things with the kits for just as long. PAiA recently added an online hall of fame that showcases some of the most unique electronic instruments ever created!

PAiA FatMan as BlueGirlJohn Simonton of PAiA notes “Probably the coolest thing about PAiA is the people who build our designs – but with a twist. They tweak and mod; their creativity and resourcefulness are truly amazing.”

This DIY synthesizer combines a PAiA FatMan kit with some effects units in a blue torso. The FatMan is a MIDI-controlled analog bass synth. This version, though, looks more like a modern sculpture.

Other DIY freaks of synth nature include Theremax theremins built into children’s toys, guitars, secret agent suitcases, and alien halloween ornaments.

Photos are available at the PAiA site.

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