Open Window – Robert Rich Unplugged

Robert Rich has announced his latest CD, Open Window. This unplugged recording captures his acoustic improvisations, a side of his music that many listeners will be unfamiliar with.

Rich is best known for his organic ambient electronic music, and his collaborations with other electronic music artists such as Steve Roach and Kevin Braheny. He uses analog and digital synths, a state-of-the-art modular analog synthesizer, and heavily processed flute and guitar to build soundscapes in his “glurp” style.

On Open Window, he excercises his piano chops and goes “unplugged”. Rich explains the origin of his latest music:

“I occasionally begin my concerts with piano improvisations. Afterwards, people often ask me if I would release a piano album. Well, here it is!

I chose to record this album on the 1925 A.B. Chase baby grand that sits in my studio, an instrument with a more intimate sound than a full-size concert piano. Over a period of two months, I kept a daily schedule of piano improvisation, with microphones set up to record at all times. The pieces selected here reflect special moments during this concentrated period. These were the moments when effort vanished, and the music seemed to write itself. The pieces on Open Window show influences ranging from Alan Hovhannes, G.I. Gurdjieff and Erik Satie to Terry Riley and Keith Jarrett.”

Rich is releasing Open Window on his own Soundscape label.

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